Relationship Purposes

Wbulls_eye.pnge are here on earth for a purpose. We haven’t lived on earth by accident. God wants us here. God has a

Purpose in our lives. God created us first and for most to have relationship with Him and reflect him in our relationship with others. God has a purpose in every relationship we have with others.

And it is God who gives us the grace (enablement) to live with and bless others in every good thing invested in us for others. We need grace to live with people who are different from us and accept them without trying to change them to be like us. We need the help of God to understand others and identify ourselves with them. We need grace to cheerfully serve them and add value in their lives.

We haven’t created
ourselves. We don’t live for ourselves. We can’t do good to others by ourselves.

If we bless and benefit others in any relationships, it is God who did it in us. And it is all for His glory.

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